Le Fantôme de l’Opéra

Le Fantôme de l’Opéra

Mr Jack Game System in Paris !


Author(s) : Bruno Cathala & Ludovic Maublanc
Illustrator : Jean-Minguez Minguez


Paris – 1881 – Opéra Garnier
La Carlotta, the famous opera singer, is rehearsing for her next recital. A series of strange events frightens her a little more every day: a chandelier falls and nearly kills her, strange voices come out of nowhere, doors slam ... It’s clear: a ghost haunts the place! It is out of the question for her to stay in Paris under these conditions. Therefore, this mystery must be solved as quickly as possible, as she is threatening to leave Paris to perform her recital at La Scala in Milan! The matter is urgent and the whole of France is in turmoil...
The first elements of the investigation have identified.

Aim of the game

One player is one of the eight suspects who pretends to be the Phantom. He is the only one who knows its identity. His objective is to frighten La Carlotta sufficiently that she leaves the Opéra Garnier permanently.
One player is the Investigator. He isn’t represented by any pieces on the board. His objective is to discover which identity the Phantom is using before La Carlotta decides to leave the Opéra Garnier for La Scala in Milan.



Rules of the game



1 game board - 8 double-sided character tokens, in 8 different colors, with a Suspect side and an Innocent side - 1 La Carlotta token - 1 Blackout token - 1 Padlock token - 11 alibi cards, each representing a character or the Phantom (3 cards) - 8 character cards, each representing a character, with icons symbolizing their special power - 1 Game round card: Investigator on the front / Phantom on the back, detailing the steps in a Game round.